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The              Process

copybara progress part 1.png

 Step 1

After receiving designs from our clients or

partnered artists, we carefully align

our files as efficiently as possible

to reduce waste!

Step 2 

With everything ready,

we print in CMYK

using our trusty

Canon Pixma Pro 10!

All of our ink cartridges are refilled by hand for sustainability and waste reduction!

copybara progress part 2.png
copybara progress part 3.png

 Step 3

All of our sticker sheets are cold-laminated by our hands, any imperfections are noticed and compensated immediately.

Step 4 

With everything ready, our Silhouette CameoPRO processes our files and does the bulk of our cutting!

copybara progress part 4.png
copybara progress part 5.png

 Step 5

The most satisfying part!

All stickers are individually processed from this point, including any needed trimming and clean-up from the machine cut.

Step 6: Enjoy!

All stickers are weather resistant, waterproof, and can survive a good wash! Enjoy your stickers and give them a happy life!

copybara progress part 6.png
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